Ramky Cleantech Services provides cleaning services to public area and township. Being one of the pioneers in the provision of cleaning services to public area and township, we are committed to providing the best practices to clean better, faster and with less environmental impact.

Public Area Cleaning

We are awarded an eight-year cleaning contract by National Environment Agency (NEA) to clean the South-East region of Singapore. Supported by the latest cleaning fleet and equipment, we ensure that public cleanliness is achieved in the most effective and efficient manner.

View our schedule (updated on 19-September-2023).

Integrated Public Cleaning (South-East Region) covers the following:

  • Cleaning of Public Carriageways, Pedestrian Thoroughfares & adjacent Non-Pedestrian Areas
  • Cleaning of Parks, Carparks, Vacant Lands, Beaches and Shorelines, surrounding apron of Electrical Substations (ESS)
  • Desilting & Flushing of Drains & associated Drains from Parks, Carparks, Vacant Lands, surrounding apron of ESS
  • Removal of flotsam from Drains, Parks water bodies, Beaches, Shorelines
  • Emptying of Public Litter Bins & cleaning of their external surface

Township & Conservancy Cleansing

With majority of the population staying in public residential flats in Singapore, township or conservancy cleaning is a pivotal service to upkeep the cleanliness of the estates.

As a cleaning service provider of the township, we are backed by a strong and competent trained workforce to ensure delivery of lofty standards of cleaning to the estates. We deploy trained workers from approved source for client’s confidence and trust. We are constantly looking into mechanization and the improvement of work processes to increase productivity.

Our services include:

  • Cleaning of Refuse from Chutes
  • Cleaning of Lifts
  • Washing / Sweeping of Common Corridors, Staircases, Void Decks, Apron Areas
  • Sweeping of Car Parks
  • Sweeping of Open Spaces

Our Experience

Our extensive experience meeting the cleaning challenges of many public housing estates & public areas is unparalleled. We are well-equipped to provide the public with a clean and safe environment to live in.